Is It Time To Update Your Windows?

Home with new windows after rennovation

How do you know when your windows need replacing?

If the answer is yes to any of the questions listed below, your windows might be in need of repair or replacement by a licensed window contractor.

  • Are your windows or home older than 15 years?
    There have been numerous advancements in window technology in the past 15 years that you should use to your advantage. They can lower utility bills, make your home more energy efficient, reduce noise level transmission, and give an overall revamp to the look of your house.
  • Are your windows looking a little out of place in your up to date neighborhood?
    Why not update the outside look of your house to match the modern inside? If you choose a high-quality window to replace those drab, out of date ones, you will be amazed at the impact such a small update can have on both the internal and external feel of your home.
  • Have you noticed any blistering, peeling, or rotting in the frames of your windows? Paint touch-ups and repairs can be costly and potentially dangerous if you do them yourself. If you seem to be forced into calling a contractor for these repairs and touch-ups, perhaps a complete replacement would be more beneficial to your wallet. Many updated models of windows contain features that older windows did now that are much more resistant to the elements, making them less prone to peeling, blistering, or rotting.
  • Have you noticed a chill or draft near your windows? Perhaps you’ve noticed water leaking in during a heavy storm?
    Windows are meant to keep the elements out and these sorts of things can be devastating if leaks find electronics or even detrimental to your health if you are near a draft for too long. Not only is it detrimental to your health, but also your wallet’s as a draft can raise the power needed to heat and cool your house, raising your utility payments. With a window replacement or repair, you can save your hard earned money to spend on things that aren’t your electric bill or replacing electronics.
  • Do you have windows that are difficult to open and close?
    Over time, springs strain into snapping and frames may rust a bit. These can cause windows to be difficult or even impossible to open and close. If you find yourself having difficulties operating your windows, perhaps it might be time to find a good contractor to replace them with one made of materials designed to last a lifetime.